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White Cat Jazz duet

Leo Novikov’s colleagues and friends are accomplished musicians who share his passion for music. They are capable of performing a wide range of music styles to suit any event, including classical and modern romantic ballads for weddings, joyful dance tunes for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, popular jazz standards, and groovy pop for corporate events. With years of experience performing together, Leo and his colleagues are skilled at reading the crowd and adjusting their music to create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion. Here are just a few samples of the music they can perform:

“White Cat” Jazz Duet:
With the pianist, composer and singer Alex Parkmen.

Duet “Fantasia”:

With Anatoli Torjinski- multi-musician, composer, arranger, winner of several ARIA awards. His instruments are: Guitars, Cello, Piano, Vocal

Klezmer duet (trio, quartet) Mazl Tov:

With the accordion player Ilya Bayer (also a clarinet player Eddy Bronson and/or a cello player Anatoli Torjinski)